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Paper vs Technology, the winner is…

The times when the waiting for the bus and the journeys were accompanied by the reading of a book or by conversation with the neighbor or the fellow traveler are far away.

Fortunately, someone hasn’t resigned to alienation from smartphones. One among them is the mayor of Grenoble, who has launched a fantastic idea in collaboration with the publishing house start-up Short Edition.

A dispenser of stories for commuters, to engage the wait for the bus and to fight the smartphone domination. Stories tailored to travelers, because you can choose the length according to the estimated waiting time.

The 3 minutes format consists of a receipt long 60 cm and wide 8 cm. The type of the story remain a surprise and the suppliers of these stories are more than 5000.
A free service present in 8 bus stops.

Bye Bye smartphone, it’s time to tales…


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