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City buses

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Used city buses

Welcome to the section dedicated to our fleet of used city buses, vehicles intended for city mobility.
If you are looking to upgrade or expand your urban public transport fleet with Class I buses you are in the right place.
With over 40 years of experience, BASCO SRL specializes in the control and sale of used public transport vehicles on the road and, thanks to the know-how we have acquired by collaborating with administrative and public entities throughout Europe, we have learned to select the most efficient Class I buses and checked them in every aspect, from the engine to the bodywork. All to guarantee you a choice of vehicles capable of dealing effectively and efficiently with the problems that urban mobility entails, even in cities with the most difficult road and traffic conditions.
Our used city buses are much more than just vehicles. They are selected from among the best used vehicles available on the market and checked from top to bottom by our qualified mechanics so that we can offer you the best performance and value for money.
To help you in your choice, the technical data sheet of each of our vehicles presents all the data necessary to study the bus in all its characteristics.
The used urban bus models that we have selected meet the most diverse needs in terms of capacity, field of application and power supply, to offer you a solution to every need.

All the know-how and knowledge that we have acquired in 40 years of experience are at your complete disposal, guaranteeing you in-depth and detailed advice.
Come and learn about our history and how we operate at BASCO SRL, or contact us for any doubt or curiosity. We will be with you for every need of your urban mobility.