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Used coaches: absolute comfort

Welcome to the section dedicated to used coaches. If you’re looking for the perfect vehicle for comfortable long-distance group travel, you’ve found the right place.
For over 40 years, BASCO SRL has excelled in the sale of used public transport vehicles. Our vast experience has allowed us to select the most efficient and comfortable used coaches. Each coach undergoes rigorous checks, thus ensuring a range of vehicles perfectly suited to meet the challenges of road tourism.
Our used coaches are much more than just means of transport; they are the heart of your tourism business. We guarantee the best performance and comfort, without forgetting an excellent quality-price ratio. Coaches must ensure a high level of reliability and guarantee compared to other types of vehicles, given the long and demanding stretches of road they have to travel. If you buy a used coach, you are investing in the efficiency of a vehicle that offers the same performance as a new one.
To help you during your choice, the technical data sheet of each of our vehicles provides detailed information to allow you to study the bus in all its characteristics. You’ll find data on engine, comfort, load capacity, and much more, so you can select the perfect used coach for your needs.
The used coach models that we offer have been chosen to meet a wide range of requirements, both in terms of capacity and the type of application and fuel system. Whether you need a coach with a large number of seats for the busiest tours, or an energy-efficient vehicle for eco-friendly tours, you will find the solution you are looking for in our catalogue.
Our team of experts will offer you in-depth and detailed advice, guiding you through the various options and helping you make the best choice for your needs.

Come and learn about our history and how we operate at BASCO SRL, or contact us for any doubt or curiosity. We will be with you for every need of your tourist mobility.