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Skoda Trolleybus

Skoda trolleybuses represent a perfect combination of energy efficiency, superior performance and modern design. These vehicles, electrically powered through an overhead network, offer a sustainable alternative to traditional buses, reducing emissions and contributing to air quality in our cities.
For our trolleybus resale service, we have selected Skoda models due to their reliability and the company’s long history in the field of electric vehicle production. Each of our Skoda trolleybuses is accompanied by a detailed technical sheet, from which you can understand the quality of the vehicles, a symbol of safety and eco-sustainability.
But BASCO’s assistance does not stop at the sale. Our team of experts is at your disposal to provide you with professional and in-depth advice. Whether you are considering buying a trolleybus for the first time or looking to expand your existing fleet, we are here to help you every step of the way.
Come and learn about our history and how we operate at BASCO SRL, or contact us for any doubt or curiosity. We will be with you for every need of your urban mobility.

Trolleybus 32TR

The Škoda 32Tr trolleybus is a modern 12-metre fully low-floor vehicle with a completely new body. Its equipment offers passengers maximum comfort. The trolleybus is fully air-conditioned in the passenger compartment and in the driver’s cab.


Length: 12 000 mm

Depth: 2 500 mm

Height: 3 370 mm

Power: 160 kW

Max: 65 km/h

Number of seats: 95

Trolleybus 33TR

The ŠKODA 33Tr trolleybus is a single eighteen-metre three-axle, fully low-floor trolleybus designed for public transport.


Lenght: 18 750 mm

Depth: 2 500 mm

Height: 3 400 mm

Power: 240 kW

Max Speed: 65 km/h

Number of seaths: 120

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