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Used Intercity Buses

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Used intercity buses

Welcome to our space dedicated to used intercity buses. If your goal is to upgrade or renew your intercity fleet with quality Class II buses, you’ve come to the right place.

The Italian urban panorama is made up of a few large cities and a myriad of medium-small realities that affect the large centres. Precisely for this reason, the routes that connect towns and villages to large cities, or between them, are the most frequented by students and commuters who go to school or work every day. The intercity network is extremely developed and requires adequate travel capacity.

For over four decades BASCO SRL has been a leader in the used bus market, providing high quality road collective transport solutions. Our vast experience, consolidated through collaboration with numerous administrations throughout Europe, allows us to select and offer the most efficient and best performing Class II intercity buses. Each vehicle is meticulously checked in every aspect, to ensure a range of vehicles that are perfectly suited to responding with efficiency and performance to the needs of intercity transport.
Our used intercity buses are synonymous with excellence, ensuring the best performance and unrivaled value for money. Whether you are looking for an intercity bus capable of handling long distance journeys, or a vehicle with a specific configuration to meet specific needs, we have the right solution for you.

To help you find the used intercity bus that best meets your needs, each technical sheet in our selection provides full details of the vehicle’s characteristics. You’ll find all the information you need to evaluate the bus as a whole, from the type of power supply to details on capacity.

The used Class II intercity buses that we offer have been selected to meet a wide range of needs, both in terms of passenger capacity and application and power supply. Regardless of the type of intercity service you wish to offer, you will find the most suitable solution in our bus fleet.

Come and learn about our history and how we operate at BASCO SRL, or contact us for any doubt or curiosity. We will be with you for every need of your urban mobility.