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The metamorphosis of the bus graphics, from 1996 until today

Large and colorful advertising on the bus walls are almost on the agenda, so much to seem strange to find buses remained immune to personalization.
Since the 90s it’s known the great power of the bus as communication tool, even if the time to decorate the walls of these means of transport wasn’t considered so much a breeze. About a month of working against the current 2 days.
The graphics in those years were in fact painted using the technique of “stencil”: it was necessary to apply a masking after the other to make them colorful. A process that could be considered revolutionary because, even before, the bus graphics were made starting from the application of adhesive tape on which was applied color.

Moving on, we come to the end of the 90s, the time in which the painting in graphic was about to retire, ready to be replaced by adhesive vinyl films. A technique that with a cutting plotter allowed to transfer the shapes of the single-color graphics on a support ready for adhesive application.

And there’s more … the big breakthrough comes in fact in 2006, the print still used for bus decoration, named inkjet on the stickers! From that moment … everything has become possible! Any drawing made with the PC could be printed on the film with absolute guarantees of durability and color brilliance, no more masks and colors mounting, just a graphics ready for the dry application!


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