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Hamburg proposes the Hafencity Riverbus: the amphibian bus

Fred Franken, a German entrepreneur, had this idea already 18 years ago but only 4 years ago, he decided to realize it.
We are in Germany, precisely in Hamburg, where the most of the touristic attractions are located on the banks of the Elbe River or directly in the water. And it was precisely the structure of this city that led Fred to design a vehicle that is a cross between bus and boat, a truck-MAN chassis with a hull. A means of transport that offers passengers a normal travel experience by bus when it circulates on the road and an unconventional experience when it is the time to dive in the water.

The only two issues detected until now are the inclusion of a vehicle that is a bus and at the same time a boat in the German bureaucracy and its maintenance. Apart from that, the HafenCity Riverbus debut was a success for locals and tourists in Hamburg; this particular bus has validated in fact 6000 tickets in just two months!

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