If you are among those who are always looking for new and odd experiences… we might have something for you! Buses reinvent themselves, they take on a new robe and don’t continue to be only means of transport, but become also place to have a break, a dinner, where spend the spare time such as bar, ice-cream parlors, restaurants and other ideas related to food and entertainment.

It was in the year 2011 that in London, the buses’ capital with its red double decker bus, was born the new BUS RESTAURANTconcept. The Big Red Bus Pizza in Deptford, the first opened, and The Crust Conductor, the most popular and renowned, offer London’s customers the chance to enjoy a pizza made with a wood-burning oven in an exceptional location.

A trend that wasn’t limited to the English capital, but which immediately become established around the world. The next year was the turn of Canada where a man named Aleah decided to rebuild a vintage double-decker bus found in a dump, transforming it into the Wild Thyme Coffee House: a great cafe for lunches and delicious snacks. And it doesn’t end here… The Irishinspired by their tradition of beer masters, have adapted this idea to their culture, giving life to the PUB-BUS.

And in Italy? Actually, even in Italy we have a similar example of public transportation that represents the soul of a restaurant. In Milan, the ATM (Milan Transport Company) has remodeled old carriages of 1928, in order to create a wagon-restaurant in the city center, where enjoying refined dishes of the Milanese tradition, delighted by a continually moving panorama!

It is well known that animals are considered part of the family as much as humans in the UK and it is perhaps for this reason that More Than, an English insurance company, has decided to propose in London the original idea of a city bus tour dedicated to our furry friends. You got it right! Now, in addition to enjoying dog friendly hotels, those who are considered the most faithful friends of man will also enjoy a beautiful panoramic city tour, treated like a humans.

The route proposed by the bus named K9, as the name of various dogs in the famous “Doctor Who” TV series, includes the most beautiful parks of the capital from the point of view of dogs, such as Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Green Park.

During the trip on this green double-decker bus, the owners of dogs will also discover and learn stories and tips about dogs in the London history. It’s said that when the bus passes in front of Downing Street, the guide on board tells that the Treasury Minister has two dogs, a Fox Terrier and a Dachshund. When passing in front of Buckingham Palace, instead, says that the Queen has had as many as 30 Welsh Corgis during her kingdom. And so on.

Defined the planet’s economic capital city, an example of efficiency, safety, service excellence and dutiful observance of the rules, Singapore doesn’t stop to amaze. In fact, it comes from the island-state of South-east Asia the idea of redesigning the bus stops, thinking about the needs of those who take this means of transport.

In Jurong, in the south-west area of Singapore there is no way to get bored while waiting for the bus thanks to the technological, super-equipped and eco-friendly bus stop designed by the DP Architects (http://www.dpa.com.sg/).

Anyone is waiting at this bus-stop can benefit of swings, free Wi-Fi access, charging stations for smartphones powered by photovoltaic panels, illustrated books for commutes and book crossing.

What can you ask for more?

The “Muévete en verde” project got started in Madrid thanks to the collaboration between the Cotec Foundationwhose mission is to promote the innovation as driving force of the economic and social development – and the Communal Administration is becoming very famous.

This project aims to improve the quality of the air, pursued through the installation of gardens on the top of the buses that circulate in the most polluted areas of Madrid. It has been certified, in fact, that the presence of these “mobile” gardens together with the bushes and trees planted around the town give an important support to the absorption of pollutants.
Moreover, the advantages aren’t finished yet! When the sun is up and the temperature is very hot, if you are on board of this type of buses you will not need to switch on the air conditioning because the gardens on top of them lower the internal temperature.

Fred Franken, a German entrepreneur, had this idea already 18 years ago but only 4 years ago, he decided to realize it.
We are in Germany, precisely in Hamburg, where the most of the touristic attractions are located on the banks of the Elbe River or directly in the water. And it was precisely the structure of this city that led Fred to design a vehicle that is a cross between bus and boat, a truck-MAN chassis with a hull. A means of transport that offers passengers a normal travel experience by bus when it circulates on the road and an unconventional experience when it is the time to dive in the water.

The only two issues detected until now are the inclusion of a vehicle that is a bus and at the same time a boat in the German bureaucracy and its maintenance. Apart from that, the HafenCity Riverbus debut was a success for locals and tourists in Hamburg; this particular bus has validated in fact 6000 tickets in just two months!

A world of greetings to all of You!


Gëzuar Krishtlindjet (Albanian)

Ugodni praznici (Croatian)

Häid pühi (Estonian)

Joyeux Noël (French)

Fröhliche Weihnachten (German)

Kala Christouyenna! Hamish (Greek)

Buone Festività (Italian)

Priecīgus svētkus! (Latvian)

Gerų švenčių! (Lithuanian)

Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia (Polish)

Sarbatori Vesele (Romanian)

Поздравляем с праздниками (Russian)

Hristos se rodi (Serbian)

Sretan Bozic (Slovak)

Vesele Bozicne (Slovenian)

Felices Fiestas (Spanish)

Srozhdestvom Kristovym (Ukrainian)


A new bus line dedicated to museums has started to operate in Rome. Its name is “Museum Express”, it is composed by five Pink Citaro buses and is the result of the collaboration between “Gray Line – I love Rome” and the Italian Transport Company.

Considering the strenuous climbs of the Seven Hills of Rome, the two companies have decided to launch this new “Hop on & Hop off” service, allowing tourists to reach in an easy way the major museums of Rome.

This bus line is already active for a few months, has 10 bus stops and provides buses equipped with all the necessary comforts such as wi-fi connection, air conditioning and an Info-Point service.

The latest innovation in the bus sector that could be able to decrease the bus drivers’ distraction increasing the road safety has been carried out by the Transport for London.

The London Transport Authority has introduced a GPS information panel through which it can be possible to communicate traffic updates directly on the back of the bus.
A mechanism that should ensure greater safety for drivers by reducing distraction. It has been already passed to the test phase on the 344 route that links Clampham Junction to Liverpool Street.

Moreover, if during these six-months of tests the results will coincide with the expectations, the system will be extended to all the London area and exported to other countries, including Italy.

FlixBus is a young mobility provider that has been changing the way millions of people travel in Europe.
It offers a sustainable and convenient alternative to private transport. A travel bus with the highest level of comfort. Its success is given by the digitization of traditional bus travel through e-ticketing system, free Wi-Fi on board and GPS Live Tracking.
Thanks to a user-friendly booking system and an extensive route network, it offers travelers the opportunity to experience the world no matter their budget.

After having achieved outstanding results during the 2015, Flixbus hopes for 2016 to:
– double the 20 million passengers that has reached last year
– broaden its service to Eastern Europe

Discover Flixbus’s world on www.flixbus.com

Which direction is the bus travelling?” This is the question of the riddle launched on the National Geographic website. A puzzle that undermines more adults than kids and demonstrates the importance of observation. The 90% of the children who were interviewed gave a correct answer, instead adults answered without looking at the picture carefully, relying directly to luck.

And now it’s your turn, try to give the right solution! Below, we present the correct answer.

The correct answer is that – if you’re in the UK – the bus is travelling to the right. And the key to solving the puzzle is the fact that you can’t see the passenger doors. This means they must be on the other side of the bus, and if you’re in the UK where people drive on the left side of the road this means the bus is going right. The opposite applies in the US and other countries where people drive on the right – and the bus would be travelling on the left.