Mauri 10KV26-I

Brand: Man
Model: Mauri 10KV26-I
Version: Interurbana
Quantity: 1
Year of first number plate registration: 2001
Antipollution legislation: Euro 2 con FAP Euro 5
Mileage: 212521
Length: 10,62
Class: 2
Gearbox: Automatic
Air conditioning: Present
Company Number: 4113
Number of seats: 34
Number of standing positions: 18
Number of staff: 1
Driving position: Left
Doors number: 2
Door Type: Single/double
Preheater: Yes
Frame: ZA9330CCWM2B09012
Engine Brand: Man
KW - CV: 191 - 260
Supply: Diesel
Engine size: 6871
Cylinders: 6
Slow Motion: Yes
Speed limiter: Yes
Abs: Yes
Asr: Yes

275/70 R22.5

Opening windows: Yes
Double glazin: Yes

Mauri 10KV26-I

Cambio: ZF 4 HP 500

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